Easy and
fast assembly

Kits ready for assembly on site

Mechanical assembly, no bonding and no drying time.
Installation on concrete column or crawlspace

The system addresses floors, walls and roofs

Insulated floor, wall and roof are easily and quickly done thanks to the patented KIT HOUSE by C-GEX system.

Construction Regulation Compliance

According to French DTU 31.2, sizing according to EUROCODES 0, 1 and 5

Insulated subflooring
Insulation block installation
Mechanical assembly of wood frame
Ridge beam installation
OSB bracing
Roof framing
Roof insulation installation

300 mm strong non-flammable EPS insulation wall blocks and 365 mm strong roof blocks

Alternative insulation materials will be available soon


Is an exclusive timber frame construction kit system which enables the building of houses in record time, with optimal thermal comfort.

  • Assembly requires limited tooling
  • Kits are compatible with wood cladding aluminium cladding and plaster cladding.

Kit composition

  • Insulated subflooring
  • Wall and roof frame
  • Wall and roof insulation
  • Vapour barrier & Rain barrier
  • Wall bracing & roof bracing
  • Screws and assembly accessories


  • Electric circuit
  • Windows and door
  • Wood terrace
  • Pergola

Two standard kits with optimised surfaces available

Builders & Promoters

  • This construction system enables fast and high insulated timber frame house constructions with unskilled labour. Do not hesitate to consult us, we will evaluate the system compatibility with your building types

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… additional house types are in development

Great thermal performances

All season thermal comfort

With the staggered frame construction, walls and roofs have a thermal break insulation.

Low energy houses

High thermal insulation enables substantial energy savings and ensures comfortable living in all seasons.


C-GEX kit houses are compliant with latest environmental standards.

Download the power consumption estimates
for the 65 m² house

Simplify your existing projects

with the C-GEX KIT HOUSE system

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